Oak Harbor Landscaping

The artistry of Pacific Landscapes in Oak Harbor

Landscaping is the process and activity of altering the feature and appearance of an area. Landscapers are people in charge of beautifying and designing land pieces, such as gardens and an infrastructure's surroundings. They make use of creative plans and exquisite materials to produce the finest landscaping output. For instance, they add living adornments, such as attractive flowers, shrubs, and trees to decorate the piece of land that they are tasked to modify.

Pacific Landscapes of Whidbey: Landscaping in Oak Harbor

Pacific Landscapes of Whidbey is one of the most renowned landscaping companies in Oak Harbor. Founded in 1994 and owned by Garth Heggenes, who has a degree in Landscape Architecture, this company has the top of the line landscape professionals in Oak Harbor dedicated to satisfying and realizing their clients' desire for a perfect visual of terrain ornamentation.

Supreme Workmanship

Pacific Landscapes of Whidbey has the premier Oak Harbor lawn care because of our superlative and unexcelled artistry. The works we have completed, such as the Mutiny Bay Waterfront, Lagoon Point, Meadows, Robinson Road, Sandy Point, Saratoga Downs, and Clinton High-Bank Waterfront projects are all deemed to be in high-quality. We only utilize the first-rate plant materials, incredibly innovative strategies, sturdy construction, and labor in each project. We guarantee to deliver the best landscaping near Oak Harbor and give our customers comfort and healing through their aesthetically-pleasing landscapes.

Full Range of Landscaping Services

Get the unsurpassed quality of landscaping in Oak Harbor with the array of design services offered by Pacific Landscapes of Whidbey. This company promises a second to none landscaping architecture fit according to the customer's personal preference and specifications. Our service also includes the installation of irrigation and electrical systems. Furthermore, we can also ensure your garden or landscape preservation with our offerings of meticulous maintenance services.

Also, we cover much more extensive lawn and landscaping services, which include:

  • Pre-planning and Design

  • Site Clearing and Preparation

  • Plant Selection

  • Garden Carpentry

  • Sodding and Hydroseeding

  • Water Management and Irrigation

  • Land Management

  • Hardscapes

  • Waterscapes

Unparalleled Client Satisfaction

Since someone leads Pacific Landscapes of Whidbey with a strong background in landscaping, it is not surprising that our team can execute an exemplary performance at work. Our history of finished projects is only wrapped with positive comments from our clients, who also claimed that the company is one of the few or the only landscaping team that can administer an only landscaping job. Their satisfaction and appraisal keep us motivated, and we are delivering from the years. 

Our customers' degree of satisfaction is continuously high that it solidifies our place as the top landscaping company in Oak Harbor. If you are not convinced enough, you can read the testimonies of our greatly contented customers yourself by visiting the testimonial section of our website.

If you want an unrivaled beautification of your garden or a prime remodeling of your landscape, make sure to contact Pacific Landscapes of Whidbey and receive a free quotation by calling (206) 391-9509.